Dear Organiser,

Our Leavers Hoodies are ideal for organising from home! The organisers pack is electronic and sent to you via email when you fill in our enquiry form – which means size charts and order forms can easily be attached to emails and sent out to parents.

We have 2 hoodie graphics for you to download and use for a PTA Facebook announcement:

  • The first one to announce you are doing leavers hoodies

  • The second to remind parents that you are taking final orders

Using these images you can then add your own message with details and instructions for parents who wish to participate. We would recommend that if you don’t have a list of parent emails you ask parents to message you with their email details from Facebook using messenger so that information isn’t made public. Email would be the safest way to communicate individually with details. From your emails you can also set up a group for general messages.

Orders can be collected in 2 ways: 


  • The order details are emailed back to you and payment is made online.

  • Orders can be posted with a cheque.

Either way ensure all payments are cleared through your account before you make your online order so you are not left short.

Orders can be placed online and we will deliver back to your address – all hoodies are in cello bags with the name of the child on the front of the bag – This will help reduce the need of rummaging through the orders, allowing orders be quickly picked up and hands then washed.


If you wish to contact us for help during this period do not phone our landline, our team are working from home.

Please email us at